Bella E-Bikes

We aim for our riders to have the best experience without glitches so we chose quality mid-drive e-bikes designed, manufactured and tested in Germany. They are built for comfort and reliability and have advanced pedal assist technology which makes for an easy transition to riding an e-bike.

We have e-bikes of all adult sizes, from extra small (XS), small (S), medium (M), large (L) and extra large (XL) and they can be quickly adjusted to suit virtually all adult heights and leg lengths. The electric motor is completely automatic, only boosting when it detects you pedaling, the harder you pedal the harder it boosts. In the interest of safety the boost ceases when you are traveling over 28 kph and recommences when your speed drops below 28 kph.

All of our e-bikes are fitted with quality Schwalbe Energizer tyres from German manufacturer Ralf Bohle GmbH. Designed for e-bikes with an extra layer of recycled rubber to make them puncture resistant.

Kalkhoff Aggatu i7

A sophisticated European bike that has all of the ease and style you want with an 80+ km range. The powerful Impulse motor system with shift sensor technology and the 7-speed Nexus gears makes riding a breeze. The Magura hydraulic rim brakes are sure and progressive to give you great stopping control. This e-bike is a step-through to make mounting and dismounting easy. Fully equipped with front and seat suspension, dynamo powered LED lights, basket, stand, full-length mudguards and chain guard. 

Helmet and security lock and chain included.

All sizes available in the Aggatu i7 except XL.

Focus Aventura

A remarkably capable bike with a 160+ km range, this German tourer that has all of the features you want. A more demanding bike compared with the Kalkhoff Aggatu, it rewards with greater dynamic response and range. It offers much utility with many great features, including an extra large 612 watt hour battery for 160+ km range, full-length mudguards, a great carry rack, dynamo powered LED lights, a suspension fork, premium Selle Royal saddle and Ergon grips. With a top assist speed of 28 kph and responsive pedal assist that measures your speed, pedal cadence and torque it’s a rider’s bike. It’s sporty looking, well balanced with the battery and motor low and centre on the frame and the control system is easy to use and quiet. Equipped with fork suspension, lights, rack, stand mudguards and chain guard. 

Helmet and security lock and chain included.

Only XL size available in the Aventura.