Booking Your Bike

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It’s 5 easy steps.

PLEASE put location and time details for bike pick-up and drop-off (these go into NOTES in the ADDITIONAL INFORMATION section).

Notes on using the online booking wizard are below.

Here is how to use the wizard:

  1. Choose the desired dates and times – then click on the CHECK DATES button
  2. Click on the E-BIKE category in the TYPE OF BIKE section (we only have e-bikes)
  3. Choose the e-bikes that you want by choosing the size (suitable rider heights are given beside the size). Click the ADD TO CART button as you choose each bike. You can see your order build in the CART section below
  4. Scroll back up if you want to choose another bike
  5. When you have chosen all of the equipment, don’t forget to note your pick-up and drop-off locations
  6. Now check out with your credit/debit card details
  7. A confirmation of the booking and receipt will be sent to your email

Be sure to scroll within the booking wizard area to be able see the top and bottom of it.

Please note, to avoid the need for us to hold a deposit against possible loss or damage, we have our service provider securely store your card details – in the unlikely event of loss or damage we can deduct costs from the card.